Advertise on Fetish for Fans

We currently have two ways to advertise on Fetish for Fans.
1. Through our media partner Exoclick
2. Directly by contacting support

For more information, please e-mail [email protected] with details about what you’d like to advertise, your budget, and flight dates. A representative will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Available Ad 1

Position: Loop

Device: Desktop and mobile


Available Ad 2

Position: Pop-under

Device: Desktop and mobile


Age: 18-34

Ad Guidelines

  1. Creatives must be of acceptable quality
  2. No ads inciting harassment or containing personal information will be accepted.
  3. No ads that are harmful or malicious in nature will be accepted. This includes landing pages with pop-ups, pop-unders, redirects, dialog box loops, malware, etc.
  4. You may not advertise products or services that violate United States or local law.
  5. Landing pages must match ad content (i.e. no “bait & switch” advertising).
  6. No creatives imitating video players, close or cancel buttons, download buttons, browser/system/anti-virus alerts, etc.
  7. Ads cannot purport to be “official” Fetish for Fans ads.
  8. We only accept banner ads in JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. We reserve the right to reject animated GIFs that are annoying, distracting, or otherwise objectionable.
  9. Purchasing any advertisement on Fetish for Fans does not exempt you from our strict “No Advertising” rule while posting on Fetish for Fans. You are purchasing a banner ad only, and not the ability to advertise your product/site/etc in regular posts.
  10. Fetish for Fans reserves the right to reject any and all advertising at its sole discretion.

We will not accept ads for the following products or services:

  • Gambling
  • Controlled substances or paraphernalia
  • Alcohol, tobacco, tobacco products, or prescription drugs
  • Affiliate marketing (referrals, direct marketing, etc)
  • Firearms, ammunition, or weapons
  • Pirated software or hacking/cracking tools
  • Discriminatory content, including content that promotes discrimination by race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation